Why convertible tablets will live…albeit in minority

Slate tablets are everywhere, in every size though I’m wondering why they’re not out in every color yet, I guess the electronic giants got to save SOME business for the tablet case makers…

Honestly, I don’t see the full extent of the ‘convenience’ and ‘efficiency’ slate tablets are supposed to provide. Alright some of you may scream in outrage, and I’m not dissing the whole concept, but as a tool for productivity I JUST DON’T SEE IT! Slate tablets will never be able to do any word processing efficiently, yes you can argue that it never was meant for it, but business people on the go were expecting it. The strongest word processing a slate can ever be capable of and still be relatively efficient would be note taking, for classes or for meetings, and even then it pales in comparison to a convertible.

Before I continue on, I must first say that I don’t hate slate tablets, I have one too, and I do bring it around a lot, its convenient for surfing the web, useful in the kitchen, great help when you need to read a fanfic in the toilet, and it doesn’t help that I’m hopelessly addicted to angry birds and fruit ninja, but I’ve tried, I EVEN PAID for word processing apps on my ipad, it just doesn’t quite work out as a device to do work on.

We can bitch about Microsoft all we want, OneNote is still a great note taking software, not as user-friendly as say, evernote, but its got the concept of note taking down right. One of the biggest weakness of a slate, though HTC flyer and a few others may be an exception is that although its touch friendly, you can’t write on it. Well technically speaking you CAN but they don’t come with a pen and you don’t want ugly illegible squiggles on your notes, and in addition to that the damn note taking apps on the slates don’t let you write in the first place ANYWAY. Why do we want to write on our notes? Because that’s what note taking is all about!!! Making cute little red circles here, highlighting  there, you know?

Then we have the keyboard. Ok yea, some people like the virtual keyboard but have you actually seriously taken notes for a note heavy subject? The lecturer is going at the pace of hundred miles per hour and you only have HALF the damn space on your slate to see what you’re writing because the other half is the damn keyboard, AND you actually have to look when you type because you can’t feel the edge of the keys and well..lets be honest, your screen and keyboard are one and the same, kind of hard not to look, which makes it all the more distracting. And have you tried growing nails?  They’re not good friends with the virtual keyboard. At all.

So now die hard slate people will tell me “you can get the keyboard attachment” blah blah blah…yes I can. I can also get the cute little pen for the ipad. And then maybe get the usb drive external attachment if they ever make any when it comes out and the gazillion other slate accessories that comes out with it, but why do I want to do that? I understand this from a business point of view, 1 product that spawns many other sub-products=good money. But as a consumer, when I buy my product, especially if it’s a gadget I want it damn well to come with everything I need. Besides,what is the point of owning a slate if you’re going to drag around like 2kg worth of accessories with it? Might as well bring a laptop around that’s an all-in-1! You see where I’m getting at?

Then of course we have the wonderful issue of the word processing softwares themselves. Have you tried importing a scrupulously written proposal into pages on an ipad? I have, and my entire layout screwed itself up. I know that all these software making company aren’t friends, but can they make an effort to at least TRY to make their softwares compatible in more ways than just being able to OPEN the other parties’ document!? And on the same topic, yes, some may argue that note taking on a slate is meant to be quick, general and well rough around the ages, you’re supposed to export it onto your lovely computer and work on it from there. If you’re talking about minutes of meeting, fine, I can live with that. NOTES!? CLASS NOTES!? Ok so I have to write notes in class and then go home and…write them again? O.o Why would I want to do that to myself if I can just get them right the first time on a god damn laptop!? You know what home is for? Homework, you know? Those lovely essays you need to write? Who has time to do anything more than maybe fix a few grammar mistakes and work on the spacing on the damn notes?

And so people, for the above reasons, a convertible tablet (aka a laptop that you can write on) will live on. Of course its market will be precise, for people like me, who have specific needs but it will live on. And on the side note, you can’t open multiple windows and switch between them quickly on a slate, but you can on a convertible, can you say youtubing in class? ^-^

So yes, I can’t shoot birds at pigs or slice fruit on my lovely fuijitsu tablet (WITH MATTE SCREEN PEOPLE!) but convertible tablets will live on, mark my words, THEY WILL LIVE ON!!

(people at fujitsu, can you please make them lighter though? My shoulder maybe permanently crammed because of you)

Why convertible tablets will live…albeit in minority

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