So not cute!!

This is not cute, not cute at all.

Before I say anything else let me define cute:

Cute-(adj) adorable, kawaii and or tolerable, bearable, acceptable (situation)

This is really not cute. Why?

I am in PAIN. As in PAIN PAIN.

A WORLD of pain!

Basically I just changed my wire to a thicker one on my braces, it’s supposed to straighten out my teeth and most importantly, DEVELOP MY ARC. What does that mean? It literally translates to WIDEN MY JAW.

It was a bitch when i first got my braces put on, the pressure made my teeth sore and tender but it wasn’t pain, it was just an annoying ITCH. This however, widening of the jaw is something on a WHOLE new level, my jaw ACHES LIKE FUCK. Doesn’t help that my teeth hurts too, I CAN’T EVEN CHEW TOFU, BLOODY TOFU OKAY! My tongue apparently does a better job than my teeth at the moment.

So I have no idea what possessed me to coincide my dental with gym because my body is aching…oh and I have a sore throat..AND I’m having my period.

So yes, that makes me a very very bitchy person right now.

Leave me the fuck alone lest I bite you….wait I can’t bite..shit.


Like I said, THIS IS SO NOT CUTE!!

So not cute!!

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