As a Chocomon, I realized that my life was something that can’t really even be called a life..<insert depressed bwebwy here>, as such I have taken it upon myself to START A NEW LIFE! Which is surprisingly hard, given that I’m not moving to a new place or anything. Everything’s really pretty much the same…so I ain’t really getting ‘new life’ vibe myself.

So, what constitutes a new life? Essentially, without moving to a new place/country, the best bet would be a new lifestyle. So for the sake of structuring my own thoughts, I shall define what lifestyle is!! A new lifestyle ought to involve:

  • New diet
  • New time-table
  • New environment
  • New social circle
  • New motivation and enthusiasm
  • New life views
  • New attitude
  • New things to do
I’m doing pretty well until the new social circle and environment part! How do people my age meet other people? I have NOOO idea….who knew making friends is so hard? @.@ And the new time-table, well not exactly time-table but just new schedule? So I’m working hard to revert my nocturnal self to a more acceptable level, like waking up at 5am instead of 5pm..
Well I sure hope my new life starts looking more like a new life!! The maroon 5 concert was a good start! So I should introduce new elements into my life slowly but constantly! 
This was Chocomon’s monologue about her new life!!! Peace!

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