From walking dictionary to food guide..

Quote of the day:

“I should go out with you and eat more often, you always know the best places to eat.”

“What am I, a walking food guide?”

“Yea! That’s no a bad idea…”

(Becca & Ke An, 2011)

Once upon a time, I was a walking dictionary/translator…and there was a time I was the encyclopedia for stupid shit. And now…


It’s like, drag me around Singapore to any area and I think I can name you some place with good food or dessert….which summarizes to two things:

1. I have no life because all I do is go around and eat

2. I eat out. A lot.

Did I mention how they ALL seem to be japanese? Like…sun and moon cafe, nanjya monjya, hokkaido ramen, that nice japanese cake thing…and today’s japanese restaurant and iluma…O.o Wow, it’s like my stomach is naturally attracted to japanese food.

On an almost unrelated note, my cheesecake apparently IS kickass. I should really start a short-term cheesecake business and when I leave, MAKE A RECIPE BLOG FOR IT!!

I know I saw music is my life but damn…food is doing a damn good job as the next Genghis Khan. Or Alexander the Great. Ooo… Caesar Salad!!

From walking dictionary to food guide..

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