Work, it’s like volunteering but getting paid.

My legs ache like hell…why? Because I was working at the food at beverage fair since 10.30am until like 9pm, selling Bacteria food. As in yea, food for your bacteria, ore specifically, bacterias in your stomach.

Have you ANY idea how weird it is to tell people, ‘you’re buying this to feed the good bacterias in your stomach’, like bacterias are some PETS!! Lol, that’s an amusing thought, if you want to walk your bacterias, you kinda just…walk yourself.

Anyhow, people keep thinking I won’t get used to working for someone, but surprisingly, I’m quite…used to it. It’s exactly like volunteer work, you follow instructions, do what you’re supposed to do, except you get paid. O.o Yea never thought of it that way have you?

Though I have to say, the product I’m selling is so damnably insane, it’s basically soy bean sugar extract (think faux honey) that you dilute in water and IT’S LIKE FUCKING 59.90 SGD PER BOTTLE! WHICH ONLY LASTS YOU FOR 30 CUPS! O.o

I feel like I’m scamming people’s money, but you know what’s worse? I’m scamming people’s money but the money isn’t even going into my pocket. >.<

Anyhow, if you need something to appease your parents or grandparents, this is a GREAT gift, everyone can drink this, including the diabetic and people on diet, because you don’t absorb the sugars, your cute lil bacterias do. And these awesome good bacterias supposedly improves digestion, controls stomach acid, purges toxins from your system and makes your intestines healthy. With healthy intestines, you will suffer NO MORE from diarrhea, constipation, gastric and all that shit! You will also be able to absorb nutrients better, which means better skin, better health and immunity system! So see, one little bottle to solve all your problems. Support!! (But only for your parents and grandparents and old people please, I’d hate it if my friends spent THAT much on something like this, I would genuinely feel bad.)

Work, it’s like volunteering but getting paid.

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