Epitome of my existence

I want to tell you that this is some profound intellectual post.

But it’s not.

Nope, I just happened to have slept at like 4pm, woke up at 1pm and my body decided that it can’t sleep making me once again officially nocturnal. And hungry. Did I mention I’m hungry? I’ve been waking up at like 3-4am everyday even when I sleep at like 9pm because I’m hungry.

I swear it’s an IB hazard, you’re SOO conditioned to sleeping only 4 hours everyday, you can’t sleep any longer!!!! It’s evil I tell you. Oh sooooo evil!! DWAM YOU IB!! *pouts*

So yea, Everyday, I’m practically nocturnal, and hungry.

Those two are at the moment the epitome of my existence.

Sad I know….-_-lll

Epitome of my existence

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