In maldives with energy vampires Night/Day1

This place is heaven on earth. The view is gorgeous, the staff are nice and the room is pretty damn awesome.

But at the moment I’m thinking about naming it the second hell on earth. Why? Well first I’m here with my drama queen mom and her very fucked up boyfriend whom henceforth is known as dino denial.

Why is he a dino denial you ask? First dinos are seniors who are well…quite behind time and usually comes with a dose of ‘i think i know everything and i’m always right’ complex’. The denial section means that the dino thinks he/she is hip and up to date. Double trouble, oh yes I tell you so.

Let us review dino^2’s fuck ups for today.

  • Left all our luggage unattended THREE TIMES in the span of 12 hours
  • Tried to use his very broken english to ask for just about everything and failing miserably everytime
  • refusing to admit said failures in english
  • caused a plane to wait for us
  • bossed my mom around
  • overstepped ALL my boundaries
  • Expected respect that was COMPLETELY undeserved
  • thinks he’s the best thing next to slice bread
  • won’t shut up even when you tell him you don’t wanna listen

And that’s all in the past 12 hours. GG right?

Though I personally think the clue that I’m here against my will is proof enough of my personal hatred against him.

There are a few good things today I suppose I learnt how to make 2 awesome cocktails (classic mojito and cocojito), got my mom drunk (which was immensely funny), took really really nice photos and uh bought a nice sundress? That’s honestly it though.

What went wrong today? Well, just for laughs, after I checked in and took a nap in my room, I was woke up to the sight of a giant butterfly the size of my palm on my ceiling. Did i mention my fear is butterflies? ^-^V

THEN!! There’s this giant bee/wasp thingy that’s the size of a mini-sized whisky bottle that lives in my patio.  And since my cool bathroom is open-air, the bee literally flies there. So I can’t go and see the cool beach view on my patio nor can I use my toilet in peace. HOW SAD IS THAT!

I’m fighting with a butterfly and bee for my own room/villa. Gods.

Then came lunch, which was cool except, well, I sadly ordered smoked fish platter and did’t know all the fish were sashimi standard cooked… T.T Starving chocomon I was…

Oh and did I mention that my hairdryer, not my own, the hotel one, is a potential gullotine that threatens to take my head off. When you turn it on the blades make this scary noise that its unoiled and falling apart..@.@ and my tv lags, so essentially i can’t even channel surf. it took 2 minutes to react to me pressing the off button…good lord.

So there you have it my first day/night on romantic maldives with the drama duo.

MAY THE POSITIVITY LIVE ON! (or at least until i go home to recharge)

as for tweddy? well tweddy is feeling equally @.@ as me. but a lil happier. it’s on the bed. but he’s complaining that he aint got no photos..sorry tweddy, I’ll do it when I’m revitalized tmr morning ?

Chocomon OUT!

In maldives with energy vampires Night/Day1

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