Where in the world will I end up in?

Lets see….in 2009 I was sure as hell I would be in Pennsylvania US, well ok maybe not Pennsylvania, but pretty sure I was going to USA. Then in early 2010 I contemplated going to HK. And until 2 days ago~~ starting from August, I was pretty damn sure that I would be going to Melbourne.

As of 10/10/2010 (WHOA) I’m potentially gonna end up in:

-Tokyo, Japan
-Brooklyn , USA
– Troy, USA
-Hemptsead, USA
-Madrid, Spain
-Melbourne, Australia
-Sydney, Australia
-London, UK

That’s like almost all the continents that sustains human life and provides university education…not all, almost, but still pretty darn covers the globe.

WHERE WILL I END UP!!! ?????????

I don’t think even divine powers know…actually only I will know…but I don’t know and that didn’t even make sense…or did it @.@ it’s too freaking early for my brain to compute. Whatever…score well for IB first…then lets decide. I mean how hard can it be to find a place that has comfy housing, interesting people, impressive college course, safe environment, good food and is close to Singapore? (Don’t answer that.)

Where in the world will I end up in?

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