Back to being nocturnal!!!

After a week of:
Oooo!! The sun is up!!! *waits 3 hrs* I should go take a short nap *sleeps 2 hours* Ok time to start work.
I can finally go back to being nocturnal and actually SLEEP instead of nap.
Yes the total amount of time I slept this week is less than what I normally do in a day, it’s now a CHALLENGE to sleep. Staying awake? Much easier.
Hence I need to go back to being nocturnal (because at least that means I actually SLEEP)
Fuck having a normal Bioclock, it’s only said we need 8 hrs of sleep a day, no one said when.
But man working overtime is not just sacrificing sleep, it’s like: not eating, not sleeping, not bathing (unless u totally can’t stand it) and not moving from your computer chair.
WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE THINKING ABOUT CITATIONS IN MY SLEEP!!!  *bliss*
Ok ok~ i shall go back to my vampire self and sleep while the sun is still up.
Back to being nocturnal!!!

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