Relive my life

The logical part of me will deny and kill me for saying this.
But if I had a chance, I’ll gladly exchange everything to relive my life from april 2009 till December 2010 over and over and over again.
I don’t care if I have to redo all my work again, or suffer that damn drama again or anything. Exams can come screw me up again. Just give me back the one thing that meant the world to me. *sigh*
Yea I know, gotta get a grip.
Just, you know, when you know you can be so much better? And do things better? Yea there’ll be new problems but really, I’d rather have someone to argue with, someone to cry over and deal with all the pain that the world can throw at me than sit alone, staring at the walls wondering why my life is so empty despite everything I try to fill it with.
FYI, yes I can’t listen to love the way you lie without breaking down.
It just sucks when you have to avoid good music…*sigh* why can’t nice songs be about life or heck, BEAN SPROUTS, for all I care. Nope they just have to be about love. *emo*
Displacement: the feeling of being displaced regardless of physical and mental environment.
That’ll be me at the moment.
Move on with my life, yea sure, where to? They all look equally good and equally bad at the moment.
Ok ok, think POSITIVE.
Damn…ok nvm….*sigh* positive=good memories=everything that makes me feel bittersweet=not that positive..
OK OK!! WORLD LIT!!!!!!! urgh!! I hate world lit, makes me emo. lol
Relive my life

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