BORED!!! Pt 2

I wonder if the number of posts under BORED!!! will increase.
I feel obliged to come  here and update on my level of boredness so that I can laugh about it later.
I actually called a vocal school and signed up for lesson because i wanted to TALK to someone (yes well that would mean that i CALLED)
That and I just went to the toilet and came back into the lounge (oh right forgot to mention I’m at the club house) bouncing and jumping and i was until i clicked on the ‘add’ button for my space, bouncing on the red sofa singing ‘I have a happy spot’ (Spot: (n) meaning location, or place) .
You know, I’m starting to think I’m the only human alive at the moment. Although there are ppl swimming in the pool and people walking by behind me.
iF SOMEONE thinks my sanity needs to be rescued, they should hurry before I make a part 3 to this bored!!! chronicles.
BORED!!! Pt 2

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