Day 1 at tokyo!

Ok it’s actually the 2nd day but who’s counting??
I originally planned to write in chinese but I’M JUST TOO TIRED AND LAZY!!!!
Anywayz, a brief summary of the morning was: wake up, shower, wake everyone else up(cause they sleep like pigs) and leave for the airport!!
I got stuck in the Zelda Link’s awakening on the plane but watched Wall. E! i’M SO HAPPY I WATCHED IT!! >< and after that we obviously touched down!!! then we took a TAXI to tokyo dome hotel.
BLOODY HELL. 1 1/2 hr taxi ride was around 400 bucks SINGAPORE DOLLARS!!! *FAINTS* shocking? I know….-_-llll it was also SO boring and quiet, i cant help but get car sick…AND I DON’T GET CAR SICK!!! (not even on 6hr long coach rides!) and then when we arrived…lets just say i was never this glad to WALK, 16kg luggage aside.
Did i mention how weird tokyo’s current weather is? we touched down at 5pm local time. and it was dark, and i mean DARK as in like 9pm singapore night time dark. BUT IT WAS 5!!! I just can’t adjust……
ok ok, back to the point. OUR HOTEL ROCKSSSSSSSSS, first our room on the 14th floor has THE classic view of the light decorations AND the ferris wheel, basically, view from our window can be found in the hotel’s brochures ^.^ that’s how cool it was.
And according to our schedule, we planned to walk around our hotel today. But man they were NOT kidding when they called it Tokyo Dome CITY. IT’S HUGE!! We walked around it, and it took us 3 1/2 hrs to walk around it. HUGE MUCH! it has its own amusement oark, own stadium, concert hall, shopping mall….lets just say living here isn’t a problem.
well, aside from the HUGE hotel that made our plans to walk around wayyy too literal, there were these AWESOME!(i love this word) ice-lights attractions set up in the back garden that extended throughout the tokyo dome city. we spent like 30min at a staircase just to take photos….as u can seee IT’S ALL SOO BRiGHT AND PRETTY~~~Of course, the usual funny and sit-com like things happened with me and ej as they always do but I’M DRAINED so maybe i’ll do a update writeup on that one >_<
that’s all, OYASUMI!!!!
Day 1 at tokyo!

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