New…well basically a bunch of things

Well, I don’t mean to sound like a superficial spoiled brat, but I’m getting my room revamped!! That just means one thing: MORE TABLE SPACE!!! That totally ROCKS!! I mean right now I have to balance my textbook on my right knee, my file on my left thigh, my foolscap on my table and finally my FINISHED work on the FLOOR. As you can see, table space? I DESPERATELY NEED! hahaha
Plus I’m getting part of my walls metal plated!!! YAY!! And of course, a new wall cupboard for my bunch of plush toys!! And OMFG IM GETTING A SYNTHESIZER!!!! Well, that’s pending since I GOT A NEW STUDIO PROGRAM!!! but hellya!! It’s output is STEREO!! *bounce!!!* I’m ecsatatic about this. Well I already got a new mic (yay for that too!) and a new stereo set and monitor for my new table and room~~ FINALLY!! NEW TABLET PC!!! that rocks the MOST MOST MOST!!!!! Then we have new ds games….I’m just SOO GRATEFUL to my mom and her friend for getting me stuff..
I don’t deserve it, but I’ll work hard so that I will be!!
hahah~~~ I’m just wayy to happy~
New…well basically a bunch of things

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