Onii-chan’s b-day!!! and random facts in my life!!!

YAY!!!! ONI-CHAN!!(min, not ken-nii, if it’s ken, it’s ken-nii, all onii-chans unless otherwise stated is min min!!)LIKES OUR BDAY PRESSIE!!!!!!!!!!1
Yup yup, me and EJ stayed up till 4am recording it and IT FINALLY PAID OFF!!! YAYYY!!I was sooo scared that he wun like it!!! haha but we had a lot of funn recording it and figuring out how to make it work…I BELIEVE WE’LL GET BETTER!! Well eun jeong’s OBVIOUSLY getting betterr~~ HECK!! SHE COMPOSED THE RAP IN THE INTRO ALL ON HER OWN!! Cool much!? MUAHAHAHAH!! Yea…Im an EJ fan…SO SUE ME!!!! >_<
We pretended that only eun jeong could make it and well min got surprised~~~ not very though, since i practically yelled at him on the phone for wanting to cancel on us today~~ >_< Hahaha, but ah well~~~ medetashi~~ all’s well ends well!! hahah!!! wheee~~~~~~ The cake was good~~ dinner was great~~ AND THE  TWO CUPS OF MILK ROCKED!!! HAHAHAH!! >_<
Me and EJ, well mostly me here, swear that we’ll work harder and come up with more kick ass cds!!! hahaha~~~ Since we’re finally getting hang of that stupid program~!!!Hooray for us yea??? Now..if only there were more songs for us to sing……..GAMBATTE!!
Onto random facts in my life, i found out that recently the clouds at night are all nice and ghostly white…..the first time i saw it i literally freaked out!! Especially since Mr Tay told us loads of ghost stories just that afternoon…imagine my fear….rofl~~ And also, speaking of sky(ok fine so im like a shikamaru no.2, i like cloud/sky gazing…SO SUE ME!!!) The clouds in the sky usually look nicer when there’s rain before or after it and it’s cleared up, if it’s been consistently good, then the sky is actually quite boring and the clouds aren’t as fluffy or pretty….and did I mention that almost everytime I look at the time, it’s like repeated numbers??? 4.44, 2.22, 1.11,3.33, etc. According to LJ that means I look at the clock every 1hr and 11min..guess that’s how my bio clock works~~ hahah cool aint it?? >_< I also found out that I’m strangely philosophical for someone my age..but hey who cares right?? That’s probably just me being well…abnormal…AND LOVIN IT!!
Anywayz~~ Gotta dash off an talk to min min before he thinks im ignoring him on msn~~~
Ciao ppl!!! ^.^
Onii-chan’s b-day!!! and random facts in my life!!!

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