GIve and Take

You know how your parents and teachers etc. always tell you not only receive but also give? But have you ever wondered if what you give isn’t what someone else wants to take? I guess that’s kinda how I felt today. Don’t get me wrong, today’s a great and fun day, it’s just that it’s so good that it got me thinking, I’m always taking but what can I give in return?
Seriously, it’s bloody hard to figure out; I know what people around me want, while most I can give and I do my best to provide for, this is probably one of the rare situations that I know but can’t give. So aside from this one thing, what else can I give? I keep taking, and it’s already tipping the scales major, it’s just soo unfair to keep taking and never give. However, I don’t know what else to give,more like what can I give that will make him happy? I probably racked my brains and came up with nil in terms of answer.
This brings me to ANOTHER question(Yea i think a lot ROFL) How many other people around me have I done this to? Because I’m so caught up in giving what I know they want and can give, I often leave out what they may want but I can’t give and end up hurting people. And ok I just re-read this whole thing and it doesn’t make sense….GAHH!! WHO CARES!! IT’S CALLED RANTING!! GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM?? DEAL WITH IT!! ROFL~~
I guess while the concept of give and take is easy, actually getting it done is really hard. You can’t just give anything, you have to be responsible for what you give,it’s not like you can throw anything at the person and say: take it. Taking is a willing action, and if it doesn’t make the other party happy, it’s POINTLESS, you might as well don’t give it.
So what exactly CAN i give???? I don’t know anymore…What do I reciprocate what has been given to me?? Why is it so hard to make other happy???…..GAHH!!! SCREW THIS!! I’m going to bed.
GIve and Take

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