I’m gonna have a good day!!!

WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Won what?
Haha, ok im like totally uberly psyched cause like today totally rocked!!!!!!! First Eun Jeong won the presidential elections!!!1 YAY!!!!! Despite the fact that public vote counting sucked cause it’s so nerve wrecking, but who cares!? SHE WON!!!!! MY BELOVED EUN JEONG WON!!!!! ISN’T THAT GREATT!??
And then WE WON THE DEBATE!! I mean seriously, kyung hoon was like totally calm and made a great start, yee kiat came in strong listing reasons and i rebutted them reasonably well and although we got the more difficult side to argue for, WE WON!!! YES!! FInally!!!!!!!!!! We won!!!!! I’m like so happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!! And i won best speaker, which makes me even happier!!!!!!! YAYY!!!!! Haha, so everbody wins!!!! And the opponent team was so nice and even gave us tips on how to give reply speeches……IM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yup~ Now i know it’s worth it to give up campaigning for eletions in exchange for this~~ Hey you can’t win them all you know.
And the best part of it all? I HAD A KICK ASS DINNER!!!! I haven’t been to sheraton hotel for ages!! The ppl there still remember me and my mom!! Isn’t that cool or WHAT! WOOTZ~~ haha ok ok im high,  i had the best seared chicken i ever had, great cup of milk(2 cups actually hahahha) and delicious mud pie…yum…..ok ok I love to eat, SO SUE ME!! ME NEEDS BRAIN FOOD!!
Alll in all i had a great day!!!!! It’s a good day!!! I’m happy and im sleepy and im gonna party~~~ Tomorrow….hahaha~~~ Okies, end of report~
Ri-chan dashing off to eat more ice-cream!!! ^.^
I’m gonna have a good day!!!

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