TODAY!!! IS OFFICIALLY THE MOST BUSIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! Got to school by 7.30 for council interview(well im the interviewER not the interviewEE), then had class and after school had to run around looking for Mr John and Mr Noo for the england trip itenary then it’s off to vivo for lunch and well~~ my mom being the shoppaholic that she is, SHOP!! *sigh* yea carried 3 bags of clothes back home……one was for min’s b-day though~~ that poor bloke(i think) can’t buy anything from desigual from now until 17th of march bcs he might end up buying his pressie hahaha…. and then I had dance class from 6-7 and jap classes at 7.30 today!! which i totally forgot but is like totally fun!!! whee~~!!!
and tomorrow is the youth olympic thingy where we’ll all be human signboards…*sigh*
Well i’ve ranted enough~~ time to get to today’s  topic!!
You see recently I’m having trouble splitting my time for everyone and bcs we’re all human and we all wanna feel important, so when I change the meeting time for one person, another person who is busy at the new time will complain about how he/she left the original date empty and that I’m not respecting them. That OR I’ve had plans in advance and my close friends wants me to go out with him/her but I declined which is very hurtful for both sides….unfortunately, as they are all NOT me, they fail to see that I am sacrificing MY time for ALL of them~ which means,while I end up being blamed, the time that gets cut down most, from my point of view, is well…MINE!!! T.T it’s a sad sad thing but inevitable, especially when you have so many things you want to do in life.
I’m stating here, EVERYONE is equally important! Just because I don’t give you the time of my life doesn’t mean I don’t CARE about you, it just means I NEED MORE TIME!!!! Since i still need time for myself. And by equally important i mean of course there’s a difference between family and best friends and friends but I respect everyone’s time and plans all the same, I try to be fair in terms of making time and attending to everyone, unless I hate you that is, then I’ll probably ask you to fuck off cause I dun give a damn! ^.^
See it’s REALLY hard to find a balance in life, when you want to play hard work hard, make your friends happy make your parents happy and make your bf/gf happy!!! See because if you make one side happy, another side is bound to suffer, so i guess bottom line is to find a way to make everyone suffer less and hopefully suffer the same.
I’m sorry if anyone felt left out or unimportant so yup!!

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