You know in math, how negative times negative gives you positive? Apparently, a similar rule is abided in emotions, cause my feelings got cancelled out in the midst of this fiasco. Nostalgia vs Hate, in the midst of this power struggle, love seemed to have thrown itself between them to be sacrificed and disappear forever. Everytime I see him, regret clouds my vision;when ever I see him, mild longing clouds my judgement. Like waves washing up against the shore on a windy evening, they all feel so serene, so claming and so bland. I can’t miss him and I can’t move on; and when I finally do, the ability to love someone seemed to take my place and suffer for all that I’ve been suffering so that I start anew. Evidently, feelings can counteract eachother, or so I found out…
Can someone PLEASE kill me already?
I don’t want to spiral back into this dark abyss
It’s too complicated
Too troublesome
Too big a price to pay 

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