Ignore my totally incorrect time on the date time section, it’s feb 11 and it’s 1.52 am~ (yea im staying up…again, and i wonder why i never grow..) ok at any rate, as interested as I am in macbeth, im tired and lazy and need to do something fun!! well this isn’t all that fun but yea~ might as well do SOMETHING while my brain cooks away…haha. I’m here to announce the utter weirdness in life, I mean seriously, my life recently has been nothing BUT weird. And i dun mean weird as in the "normal ri-ish weird" i mean the "weirder-than-ri-weird" which is really bad.
well basically weird things are happening and im being weirded out and it’s so weird that people have to join me in understanding the weirdness of it all and did i just use the word weird 4 times in different forms in one sentence? *counts* ok yea i totally did. haha~~
i’ll rant more when i actually have the time..

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