What schools didn’t teach

I’m constantly frustrated by my mother’s lack of common sense, especially with regards to every day appliances.

For example, she doesn’t know if meats go in the freezer or the fridge, she doesn’t know that if she’s heating liquid in the microwave, she should pop the lip open so the container won’t explode.

I honestly could not fathom why someone wouldn’t know these things that are practically common sense. Until I thought back as to how I learnt about these things.

I know that I can’t heat liquid without popping the lid or put aluminium foil into the microwave because I learnt it in physics class. We also discussed why paper and wood won’t burst into flames in the microwave..and calculated the time and temperature the waves have to be if we wanted paper and wood to explode. And no we never carried out such experiments.

So, what I realized was, my mom, being 33 years my senior, never had those physics lessons. She probably had physics lessons but her lessons probably didn’t cover microwave ovens and digital technology.

Of course, you’d say that in the 21st century, you don’t need to go through high school physics class to learn about microwave ovens, there’s instruction booklets, Google and friends and family to learn these things from. I agree, which is why I am still in the midst of educating my mother on the finer points of kitchen technology.

But the point is, this led me to realize that the severe lack of common sense and general knowledge the society suffers from today is a direct result of our education.

You know those tags on the clothes that tell you what can go into the dryer and what can’t? They’re great and all but, a sizeable bunch of the population can’t even read what all those symbols all. For all they know, it could be strange hieroglyphics. And filing taxes, for all the supply and demand curves and gearing ratios my accounting and economics teacher taught me, I still don’t know how to file taxes, how insurance interest works and what CPF entails specifically.

And while internet’s life hack sections grows by the day, there are still some things that the almighty internet can’t teach, simply because you didn’t key in the correct keywords. Thing is, for all its vast knowledge, Google can’t teach you if you don’t ask it to. The problem now is that, how do you know what you don’t know?

You don’t.

Which is why schools are important because they know what you don’t know and make sure you know it.

Apparently little kids in Europe spend their kindergarten years visiting police stations, fire stations, learning how to do laundry and learn all sorts of general knowledge and skills. I wonder why our schools aren’t doing that. Really, you don’t need a head-start in life for algebra and calculus, god knows you won’t even use it when you graduate. And sure coding and electronics is a great thing to learn, but what’s the point of knowing all that if you can’t even wire up your TV and screen?

Why is it important to say thank you, excuse me, sorry and you’re welcome?

Why is queuing up important?

How do you start a fire for BBQ?

Who do you call, police or ambulance, under different situations?

So yea, next time you wonder why a person lacks common sense, just remember, schools didn’t teach that.

Strange dream

Gotta write this down before i forget.

So it starts, or at least I remember, with me in this giant hotel in the middle of the city that isn’t Singapore.

We were being attacked by harpy looking evil bird man (think the GT robo in toriko but with feathery wings and talons) and the boss of these harpies.

I have no idea why they were attacking us though.

So apparently I was the chosen one with powers to fight them off (i could use fly, cut and strength..yea…) And I had just fought off the boss and a wave.

Then it was evening/night time.

There were baseball players, famous ones, playing and training at the hotel.

I was in my room but then was really depressed cause I lost my powers after the fight.

Then I went out to the roof areas to calm myself down and figure out what To do.

So at first I was hesitant if I should leave the building at all in case harpies are still out there but I ended on the roof emoing and watching the baseball players train. (strange training they have, seeing who can throw the ball down this artificial hill that looked like it’s for golf )

So as i was being depressed, two of them climbed up. Saw me and I waved and I was like, nice training, you’re so brave to train while there still stray harpies around. I was like we should go inside soon where it’s safe. Then they looked at me and laughed and was like, its fine they can chill on the roof since I was there. Just as they said that two harpies appeared out of nowhere and attacked them.now I was already through the glass door in the building. i saw that and ran back in to grab him from the harpy’s talons and I was like “not another one!” (i wonder whats my traumatic back story) and he looked at me in fear and hope and went “quick, use cut!” And I just kept pulling him and dragged him inside away from the harpy. And then i told him, all anguished and frustrated that I can’t cause i lost my powers. He looke at me in digust and walked off.

Then I went back to my room, slept and it was early morning. So we were going to be under another attack, somehow everyone knew by now that I had lost my powers so I was to stay in my hotel room, curtains drawn and to wait the attack out. I vaguely have a feeling that I had a roomate but he wasn’t there i think..im not sure. Anyways, so I went to where my mom and dad and family (idk for a moment they looked like my ex’s parents then one of my Bestie’s parents) stayed and was like, can I wait out the attack with you guys. They looked so shocked and disgusted that they had to room with me, everyone shuffled uncomfortably and finally they said that they’re not comfortable with me around and it’s best if I just went to my room..and never come back. So i did…and I saw nemo and tweddy on my bed, I felt that their room was safer and told my mom. At least keep nemo and tweddy with you, protect them for me, she nodded understandingly and I went back to my room to emo and wait.

So as per my chaotic dreams, the next moment, I was at home. Now same harpy attack but I wasn’t the chosen one with powers. So I knew an attack was coming, so I ran to tell my mom to close all Windows and draw all curtains. (basically hapries are sort of like raptors, they don’t enter buildings or break through class unless they see movement, they don’t exactly recognize humans)

So I frantically went around my house closing all the windows and curtains, a friend called, said he was coming over and he’s almost here. I told him to let himself in and find a spot away from Windows. He said he brought food for the stake out I ignored him. Anyways, I went to every room in my house to close Windows etc. The scariest was the living room cause the balcony doors were wide open and was facing the sea. Closing that was the scariest cause I was the most exposed. Anyways, I ended up in my mom’s toilet and I was nagging at her why she didnt close them when attack was anytime! Now her toilet had low Windows and blinds, not curtains, so I had to raise the blinds by 1/5 to close the Windows. My mom was brushing her teeth and I was nagging that we didnt have time for her morning routine and she was like dont worry and i was warning her that at my signal, to stop moving. In my nagging after I closed the window I didn’t have time to close the blinds completely, then I saw wings outside the window and I froze. Mind you, I’m still sitting at the edge of the bathtub where the Windows and blinds are. I didn’t dare reach out or move and prayed that the harpy would fly by. But 5 of them stopped at my window. They flew back a bit to look through the slit and I could see them staring at me. I told I my mom to not move. I picked an empty spot between the harpy and stared and prayed I didn’t blink or move. They just kept staring. Then two of them flew off and I was relieved and waited for the rest of fly off too. But one of them (the more purple one) just wouldn’t go and I was at my limit of not moving. Then jt flew closer and tapped the glass window and went back to its fellow harpy and I somehow knew it said to its friend that “doesn’t that thing look denser that the others”, stating that I looked more..alive than the other objects. So i just stared, eyes watering, hoping I didn’t blink, and waited for them to bust through the window and attack.

And I woke up and realized I wasn’t in my blanket. Which was why I felt exposed and unsafe. Okay back to bed.

Friendzone aura


I see these happy couple around me, and I realize that the girl can never be me.

I’ll never be the sort you bring home because I’m not the sort of girl parents want to meet.


While all the other girls graduated to make up and dresses, I’m still in sneakers and skates, because you know, cars are expensive.

Mothers want gentle girls, feminine girls for their sons. Men want beautiful, elegant women on their arms.

I’m not that sort of girl. And that’s totally fine by me.

Because although I like to game and train, I’m a great cook. I can fix up
shit in the house better than most. You can never show me off to your friends, but at least of you need an extra party member I’m there. I can’t sit there and look pretty, but you don’t have to worry about me in a fight.

You won’t ever have to listen to me talk about fashion and clothes, unless it’s for a shoot. I won’t need much attention because I’m probably busier than you.

All that makes me the perfect partner in life, which also leaves me in permanent friendzone.

But that’s totally fine by me,cause honestly life is happier being yourself than being another person for someone else.

Themed attractions world tour

I want to visit all the world’s theme parks and themed attractions before I die…or as much of it as I can. There are probably tons of nameless creative museums all around the world that I’ll never get to, but hey a girl can dream can’t she?

Travelling the world would obviously, cost a lot of money (no shit sherlock), so I was just wondering, wouldn’t it be a much smarter idea to start small private tours of themed attractions and be a tour guide, so theoretically you get paid AND get to see all these awesome places. Not a half-bad idea is it?

Now I just gotta go read up those attractions..doesn’t sound like a terrible chore…=P

Jump the figure-skating bandwagon

I’m not some hard-core fan of figure-skating and seeing as Kim Yuna is the skater who got me to even watch these competitions, it’s safe to say I’m insanely biased.

She didn’t win Gold and I’m bummed.

And I’m not alone.

However the call for investigation over the judging isn’t about the medals, it’s not just about Kim Yuna, it’s also about Caroliner Kostner.

Kim Yuna didn’t pull out all the stops, we all know she is capable of better, but for health reasons or whatever reasons, she went with simplicity and execution, and that’s fine, that’s the risk she took.

I think even the queen herself knew that she could rise above the shady judging had she honestly put her mind into it, but she just wants to enjoy her Olympics, so lets leave her alone.


But the judging is weird, and it’s not cause the home-girl won Gold.

It’s HOW she won it.

Yes it was a great routine, but it isn’t a routine that deserved to be 0.11 points away from the world record, it wasn’t clean, it wasn’t astounding, it wasn’t anything near record-breaking for all the big guns that was in the routine. That’s why everyone is upset.

That’s why the scores should be investigated, not for a change in medals, but to even out the scores, the REAL scores.

Hell, maybe investigation will mean Kostner wins Gold, but then at least we’d all find it FAIR because she was nipping at the heels of a perfect routine.

The skaters put in so much effort and time and blood and sweat into their routines, only to have NUMBERS to judge the quality of all their hard-work.

And if an imperfect routine can now be almost on-par with a record-breaking one, then it’s insulting all the hard-work behind that every figure-skater ever put in.

Under the hood

Honestly I’m not a happy trooper right now.

My toilet won’t flush (seriously, the person who fixed it could have made it last longer than ONE flush)

My heels hurt, my knees hurt, my back hurts and I’m hungry.

So…I’ve been having chronic knee pain, physio can’t figure out why and told me to go see a podiatrist, and I did.

And I’m SO glad I did.

Apparently if I didn’t, my feet would eventually end up deformed.


Long story short, cause my spine isn’t straight AND my hip bones aren’t balanced (one side is higher than the other), this has caused my dear feet to walk in very strange ways, so although I’m born with perfectly fine arches on my feet, my right feet sits flat on the ground and my left over-compensates. THEN to compensate this strange feet posture, my knees end up having to twist ALL THE TIME when I’m walking, it’s very minute that unless you spend all your time watching people walk, you’d never figure out. The even more epic part is, because my hips and spine are, well, not straight, my upper body is twisted too..(basically my feet is angled to the side but my body is straight and I’m walking straight..) to quote my doctor, I’m a very twisted person.

And my poor knees, stuck between my hips and feet are being twisted two different directions ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I’m amazed they took 21 years to finally wear and tear enough to hurt.

I’m so sorry my dear knees.

And anyways, so essentially it’s not exactly a curable condition, yes orthotics will help my feet strain less when i walk (quote “walk more efficiently”) so i don’t strain my feet muscles the wrong way, and hence strain my knees less, and chiro can help fix my spine so my knees and feet and stop over-compensating. But since I’ve walked in such a self-destructive manner my whole life….well basically it’s almost impossible to change the way I walk…which essentially is 1/3 of the solution. Then the other 1/3 is that I’m too old now to correct my standing/foot posture so although i have a perfectly fine pair of feet, they’d always be over-pronated without orthotics. OOOOH and did I leave out the fact that apparently I have overly flexible joints, so my muscles are doing the work my tendons should be doing? (Explains all that tense muscles and aches all the fucking time).


Apparently working out barefoot is a bad idea (noooo ritual!!), okay not say bad, just…not brilliant. And lunges are out of the question now (I won’t miss them).

Okay so it’s not a horrible condition, but then I mean…if you were me you’d feel pretty shit too knowing that your body under the hood is plain fucked up…but hey kudos to me, I outrun guys on a screwed up body. YAY.

Honestly, I’m just grumpy cause there’s no way to fix this pain, all the pain I’m experiencing, that is heel pain (also known as plantar fasciitis), pain in both my knees, pain travelling up my inner left feet to my shin…back pain…shoulder ache…all these wonderful aches and pains are from wear and tear. All I do…is to HEAL them.

Healing these usually means, laying off said muscle groups…Once they’re healed, with all them insoles and adjustments, I’d stop hurting myself, but as the doctor said, if I never let them heal, all the orthotics in the world won’t help.

Yea, tell that to the person who’s daily routine involves lugging at least 3+Kg, walking everywhere. And not working out plan makes me feel sick…BUUUT on the other hand I have so many exercises to do (physio, chiro, podiatrist) that it’s not even funny.

However, all that bicthing and ranting isn’t the point of this post.

For the longest time, I’ve thought about the idea of an integrated health care facility, now when I say integrated health-care I mean integration of like…nutrition, fitness, dermatology, chiropractic and everything. Really, just EVERYTHING to do with human health, both east and west.

What I’ve found out over my years of seeing various doctor for all them annoying ailments is that, the body functions as a fucking SYSTEM, and you can’t just treat ONE part of it. The problem is usually from multiple sources. Example, my tension headaches? They come from overusing computer, the solution is actually to get an eye massage to clear the passages of vessels leading to my eye and relax them. Chinese massage FTW! Another example, I had to go to 3 different types of doctors to sort out my knee pain, arguably, the podiatrist would have gotten it in one, but HE can’t fix my spine, my chrio can. And obviously my physio knows what’s the best exercise to strengthen my body. So…at the end of the day, I’d have to go to every single on of these doctors,

I’m a nutritionist would be so helpful in people who need to lose weight, exercising is only half the equation. Did you know that people with eczema are more likely to be sore-throat prone and have sensitive respiratory systems?

My point is, I think genuine health would be much easier achieved if there was ONE healthcare facility (not hospital, cause these are sicknesses, just genuine health problems) that had all these specialists who TALKED TO EACH OTHER and collectively resolve a health problem. It’s like my friend said, I probably should eat supplements for my joints, well I nutritionist would be able to give the  best advice for that…supplements need to work in conjunction with diet too.

Of course, you CAN run around to all these specialists, but it’d not only cost a bomb but then some of these doctors may contradict the other, or not know enough about that discipline and chuck it to “typical womanly pains”. I’d stop freaking out about a heart attack everytime I had a strange chest pain if my GP just told me it could be because of my spinal misalignment. And we all know that some dermatology problem is due to a person’s diet…stress needs to be managed in many ways…

I honestly think that an overall health and fitness consultancy will be a brilliant idea.

You pay ONE fee, get a health check up and solve ALL your problems and have these people plan out a way for your life to be as efficient and healthy as possible. What exercises should you do, what type of shoes are good for you, what diet should you eat, bed and pillow suitable for you, glasses or contacts, which facial care line, what make up, scalp treatment or change your shampoo, massage, spa…Am the only one who thinks that this is a GREAT idea and a lucrative one too?

I should go draw up a proposal for this and plan it out…I mean if this gets government subsidy, it’d be such a great addition to infrastructure.

On that note, I’d just randomly add.

Apparently sitting a lot is bad for you (EVEN IF YOU WORK OUT), we all sit a lot, and many at times it isn’t by choice, kids in school gotta sit for like what 8 hours a day? Office workers….yea lets not go there. There should be overall policies making the working/studying environment healthier and more ergonomic. INTEGRATED HEALTH PEOPLE!

So many problems and so many solutions…who to execute them, that is the problem.


Urban dorms

Once again I should be sleeping but here I am being an arm-chair theorist trying to resolve urban issues.

A random note, my thighs, hurt.

Thank you Ritual.

Next, urban dorms.

So, in my short stint in NY…I realized, housing there is so much more terrible than in Singapore.

But evidently all the moaning and bitching about housing in Singapore is a PROBLEMS, and problems exist for the sole purpose of being solved.

We all know it’s too damn expensive to buy a house in Singapore, NY isn’t that far off either.

So here’s the deal, urban dorms.

Dorms aren’t common in Singapore, but after reading a post (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/13/nyregion/13dorms.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0) about urban dorms in Manhattan, I’m like, why can’t we have this?

We are not short of underpaid, overeducated young professionals here.

Of course living with parents is an option but what happens if you want independence?

Then I thought, okay, what about FAMILIES.

See in NY, there are urban fringes, where housing is MUCH cheaper and affordable, all you need is a car.

Manhattan is a borough in a city….Singapore is a COUNTRY.

We don’t have a countryside people and move to, the closest thing is Malaysia (hey that’s an idea) and cars are expensive.

But okay back to me point, urban dorms for young families, will it work?

Firstly, this means we must disabuse ourselves of the notion of:

1. Buying a house (in Singapore)

2. Conventional family configurations.

Speaking of which, for a young rising country, Singapore is strangely traditional (and obstinate about it too).

Okay, so, a family does not buy a house, at least not in Singapore, they rent a house…a complex…that they will share with other families.

I don’t see why this will be so bad, kids will have friends, parents will have other parents to help out..and rent costs won’t be as high…you can even save up for retirement (or buy a house overseas if you’re obsessed with the idea of having your OWN house). Having a community within a building means tutoring costs can be shared….or hell parents can take turns tutoring different kids…

I suppose the existing generation may struggle with such unconventional ideas, but I feel that as long as it WORKS, it doesn’t have to be NORMAL.

Maybe the next generation.

Meanwhile…I shall secretly plot this idea of creating and urban dorm in Singapore and make money out of it…muahahaha.

good night!

COSMO Absorption!

So, thanks to great Youtube advertising, my interest was piqued enough that when I went to Watson to get myself a pad, I ended up getting Whisper’s new Cosmo line.

I mean, I figured it’s just a pad, might as well try it to see what the new revolutionary fuss is about.

Well…turns out, it was a pretty valid fuss.

So I’m the sort that has to deal with rashes during my period, comes with the whole sensitive skin and extra moisture and all that stuff, I shall leave it to your imagination.

So it’s pretty important to me that a pad breathes well.

Anyways, I’ll skip to when I brought the box home (oh yes did I mention that these pads come in a genuine BOX instead of just plastic wrapping?) and opened it up.

It technically has less packaging, so I was happy that I had less stuff to peel off, but most importantly, on the packaging IT TELLS YOU WHICH IS FRONT AND BACK!

Now with the Cosmo pad, honestly, it isn’t hard to tell compared to Whisper’s other pads, but the fact that they did makes you feel all fuzzy inside (customer service FTW!).

Next…the first thing I felt when I held the pad in my hands was…wow that’s thin.

The second thing I felt after putting on was…wow that’s light.

I guess it does live up to its name.

I’m not the sort to worry about absorption cause…well, I don’t think Whisper ever had a problem with absorption.

I was slightly skeptical as to how this thin little piece of silicone or whatever material it is is going to absorb all that blood but it did pretty well, and unlike the other pads which sometimes ends up tearing from overuse and all that disgusting cotton comes bursting out, this thin piece of silicone just absorbs and dries.

I think to me the drying quickly part is really  nice cause then you don’t feel all…humid and stuff down there, like I said, having your skin breathe is really important.

Beyond that…it IS just a regular pad, but then really, that’s ALL you need a pad to do and to do well, i don’t need it to start feeding information to my phone telling me how much blood I’ve lost..if I pad can do that…I honestly don’t want to think about it.

And that’s all from me!

You can go about your merry way now that you’ve been thoroughly grossed out  ^.^

Huff Huff

As usual I was just surfing the web, reading articles and comments, and I’ve made the decision as an audience to just stop reading articles related to Singapore, especially on Singaporean websites. 

It’s kind of depressing how, anyone who tries to make a positive stand in Singapore is immediately knocked down by 10, if not more, cynical, negative netizens. 

It really does feel like any positive energy anyone tries to generate in Singapore is immediately sucked into this black hole….it’s like throwing eggs at a stone wall, throwing a handful of sand into the sea…basically any positive voice of any sort is immediately drowned in many more negative aggressive voices. 

I think the internet will be a revolting place if there are only rainbows and sunshine, but then it isn’t much better if everything’s always storm clouds and tsunamis on the web either.

On Huffington post, there definitely are haters, trolls and flamers but then there are also equal numbers of rational commentors, some who agree, some who disagree, but generally everyone is civil about it.

Which is also why I’ve basically decided, well lets just stick to reading Huffington posts from now on, otherwise life is just too sad.  

Shame on you

Before I start, I’ll just like to say two things.

First, when I say “you”, I don’t necessarily mean “you” as in you who is reading my post now.

Second, I’m aware that this phenomena I’m complaining about isn’t just in Singapore, but I feel that it’s most prominent here than anywhere else, or rather, there are no positive forces combating this negative force.

So let us begin.


You know what’s the hardest thing about living in Singapore?

You get shamed, for EVERYTHING.

You’re shamed for being fat, you’re shamed for being skinny.

You’re shamed for being gay, you’re shamed for being rich.

You’re shamed for dropping out, you’re shamed for going to a top school.

You’re shamed for being raped, you’re shamed for being a feminist.

You’re shamed for every fucking thing under the sun.

I’m not saying all us are guilty of shaming people, in fact I’m sure most of us are the victims.

But the thing is, when enough people start doing it, it becomes are culture.

And let me tell you, there are definitely enough people doing it.

Apparently we’ve moved on from “complaining” to “shaming”.

Such progress.

This is alarming and scary.

In fact I’ll even go as far as to say that honestly, THIS is the reason why we are never happy.

Because we are never good enough!

And if I say that this entire issue of shaming has nothing to do with the government, I’ll be shamed for being a pro-government person.

Well, it’s not, shame me all you want, I don’t care.

This is a PROBLEM.

In many cultures, slut-shaming, fat-shaming, -skinny shaming is prevalent, as such there are just as many people acting against such horrible actions.

In Singapore, shaming people is encouraged.

I’ll start from the top down, age wise.

Old people are shamed.

They’re shamed for being useless, being grumpy…basically, for being OLD.

Go to any Singaporean forums, we’re always bitching about bitchy old aunties and uncles, and somehow those few impolite cranky old wankers become the blanket representation of the elderly in our country.

I have never seen an elderly in Singapore who is proud to be a senior citizen.

Moving down the food chain, the working class.

So much shaming, I don’t even know where to start.

If you do well in life, if you own a car, if you live in a condo, you are shamed.

You are shamed for all the hard work you did to earn everything you have.

And if you DON’T have a car, DON’T live in a condo, no worries, plenty of people out there who is shaming you too.

It’s so embarrassing, to be over 30 and still living with parents with no car.

Oh but rich people with cars and houses are snobs and are all money-sucking assholes.

Female PRCs are shamed for simply being female and hailing from China; no, not all of them are shameless immoral maneaters, but we shame them, because we can.

So we don’t shame the poor in Singapore, because here, the poor are forever the victims.

Actually we do shame the poor, consistently and constantly, but only if they’re not Singaporean.

Bangladeshi workers, Indian workers, Philippino maids, Chinese workers, all of these people, SHAMED.

Speaking of foreigners, simply being an expat of any sort earns you shaming.

You’re required to separate yourself from ‘those expats’ and always apologize for being not-Singaporean.

If you’re unmarried you’re shamed, if you’re married but live with your parents you’re shamed.

If you’re unmarried, you’re shamed, if you don’t want to get married, you’re shamed.

But let us move down the food chain even more shall we.

Students, youths, children.

If they go to an elite school they’re shamed, if they go to a neighbourhood school they’re shamed.

If they go to poly they’re shamed, if they go abroad to study they’re shamed.

If they want to become a singer they’re shamed, if they want to become a government official they’re shamed.

If they are smart they are shamed, if they speak their mind they are shamed.

Apparently Singaporeans are never good enough for each other.

Companies don’t employ enough Singaporeans?

Well no duh, large businesses get shamed, HR officers get shamed, SME managers get shamed, SME owners get shamed…

Why would anyone want to hire a person who just makes them feel like shit?

We shame Singaporean women who like foreign men, we shame foreign man for simply being attractive to Singaporean women, we shame Singaporean men who like other Asian women over Singaporean women…

Our policemen get shamed, our NS men get shamed…


Can we please stop shaming and start acknowledging?

Why is being a hawker something to be ashamed of?

These hawker feed people, lots of people, at cheap prices.

That’s a service that should be acknowledged, hawkers to be proud of what they do.

Taxi drivers, bus drivers, post man, police, military officers, cleaners, waiters….all these blue collared workers should be acknowledged for what they do instead of being shamed because of their profession and income.

White collar workers should be acknowledged too, who keeps our banks running? Who provides all these businesses, cafes, companies that run so many things in our city?

Does it matter if this banker is gay if he is a morally upright, helpful and honest person?

Why can’t we acknowledge him for his strengths?

Rich people, yes they are rich, be jealous, but acknowledge them fro all the hard work they put in to get to where they are today.

No one is rich by luck, even those born into rich families have to struggle to maintain their wealth, hell being rich means there are so many more expectations to live up to; why do we never acknowledge them for that?

You know what scares me the most?

How many of these self-righteous, self-indulgent shamers are PARENTS.

This is what you’re indirectly telling your kids.

Being rich is shameful, being successful is shameful, being a government official is shameful.

But do you think these shamers DON’T want their kids to go to an ‘elite’ school? Do they not want their kids to be rich and successful?

Of COURSE they do.

So these kids grow up, aspiring to get into elite schools with government scholarships and enter the government for a cushy job, all brainwashed to think that being rich and successful is shameful and that the government is shit.

Why aren’t these parents going “yes government sucks, so you should study hard, become rich and successful and go into the government and change all these for the better?”

You know how screwed up kids will get with these mixed signals?

Yes, shame the elite, but threaten your kids with “you’re going to become a road sweeper if you don’t study hard” and “you have no future” when they want to drop out or pursuit a non-mainstream career.

You do realize you’re shaming every possible future your kid has, how can ANYONE be happy if every possible avenue in their life is shamed?

Hell we even shame our own country for the lack of culture and arts, but then we shame those brave enough to do culture and arts.

Shaming will always exist but I sure as hell don’t want that to become the mainstream culture in the country I live in.

No one will want to live in Singapore because you’re constantly made to feel bad no matter who or what you do.

No one will be happy in Singapore if you’re made to feel bad about EVERYTHING.

So can we please stop all this shaming and start acknowledging?

Yes, our trains will still fail and our traffic will still suck, but at least we’ll be happier and more fulfilled.

And to you shamers out there, SHAME ON YOU.

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