Cajon drabbels

I just took a quick peek at myself in the mirror and scared the shit out of myself. 

Apparently lack of food and sleep can drain all the color off your face, I haven’t seen my lips that pale since I had serious food poisoning. 

So taking a break from work, I’ve decided to muse why it’s awesome to own a cajo, and why you should buy one even if you don’t play.

  1. It’s like a drum set, except it’s a box. Have you any idea how much space that saves?
  2. It’s a chair, a good sturdy one. You can bring it with you, it’s light, you can move it anywhere in the house to sit on it. Total lifesaver when you have too many guests. Also it takes up so much less space than an actual chair. 
  3. Fits into a corner neatly. I’m OCD, this is important. Cajons are are rectangular box, that makes keeping them neatly a breeze. 
  4. It’s a table. It can double as your night stand (very well at that). More importantly, when your actual table has run out of space, you can leave stuff on it. If for some reason you’re sitting on the floor, it can double as your computer table, snacking table (it’s the perfect size for a bowl of chips). 
  5. It’s portable, you can bring your cajon with you to carry out any of the above functions anywhere, anytime! It’s as heavy as a 15inch laptop (macbook). 
  6. You can jam with it. 
  7. Should you ever need to annoy anyone with loud banging noises, you’re covered. 
  8. It intrigues cats. No really, they stare at it, wondering why this wooden box creates such strange noises and then attempts to crawl inside it only to find the hole is too small. This in turn amuses you. Cajons are amusing.
  9. It’s great exercise. Ever tried playing punk rock beats on a cajon? That’s a work out.

That’s all the crap my brain can generate today. Off to eat food and sleep.

Chocomon out.  

Life is like an RPG game

Right on, blogging in class, you go Chocomon!

So today we’re talking about how life is exactly like an RPG game.

CVs and resumes, everybody has one, it’s crucial in helping you get jobs.

So here’s the game of life.

Key stages in your career are the boss fights, daily grind is exactly that, grinding.

Your Resume and CV and skills are your armour and skills.

So coming out of high school into college, your CV is probably as padded as it can be at that stage (for that map/region).

Then you realize, after finishing college, you are finally elevated to a new map!

Of course as with all new maps there’s that new quest/cave with the new boss.

You take out your maxed out equipment (CV) and doesn’t really count for much.

So it’s back to using your smarts and guts!

Somehow you magically beat the boss with sheer ingenuity.


In real life of course, it is, with sheer dumb luck or an outstanding cover letter, you got a new job, that’s a new mark on your CV (which now is a blank slate, don’t lie, we all sell our useless armour for more money!)….as part of the daily grind you learn new skills, take on new projects..

AND you realize one day you have a new CV!

And it’s time for you to challenge higher positions in your career.

You get the procedure.

So yea, life IS like an RPG game.

Game seriously, live seriously.

*Note: Serious as in remember to have fun and enjoy and be humorous.

Reflections of a habit

I have the habit of reading trashy shoujo mangas when I’m emo.

Mainly because the trivial woes of the female lead distract me from my disorganized mental state (yes I’m just going to come out and admit that I’m a control freak, and that is the root of all my unhappiness;  I’ll work on it, for now..trudging along).

I quite like the art of this artist whose work I’m drowning myself in and after reading a ton of trashy shoujo manga this is the summary that my brain has produced:

  1. People fall in love WAY too quickly (love at first sight doesn’t even cover it)
  2. No wonder so many Japanese girls are hopeless at real relationships, and guys too; if this is your reference material, dear god.
  3. Love triangles are wayy overused.

Particularly for the latter, whenever I read “You can’t love two people equally”, I’m just like….I’m pretty damn sure you can. Honestly, if there were 2 hot guys chasing after the same girl, polygamy should be made legal. I mean, 21st century, female rights and all that shit. Also it’s even worse an a love triangle breaks up friendship of 3 childhood friends, like seriously, you guys are in high school, you’ll all find some replaceable male/female SO later on in life. You can’t replace your childhood best friends!

But that’s just me.

And that’s why I’m a mystical unicorn.

Chocomon out.

Happiness and perceived control

They say that your happiness is derived from the perceived control you have over your life.

Truer words were never said.

I feel like my life is a mess and I have no control.

Explains the creeping depressing state.

Honestly, it’s just bad time management on my part…okay actually it’s just a vicious cycle.

And my body has decided to inform me that I’m stressed.

So…if we had to start somewhere, the cycle starts with fitful sleep…

I get woken up by sudden texts (i really need to completely mute my phone before I sleep!) when I’m already sleeping late and sleeping poorly.

So cause I don’t wake up refreshed I don;t follow through my daily plans…

Things don’t get done

The inner virgo feels a lack of control.

Bamf, emoness.

And due to emoness, sleep comes even later…you get my drift.

I’m just gonna try and hammer myself down and finish all the work that’s piled up…

It’s all happy work…but my motivation *sigh*


And burnt out.

Where is the happiness…

Evidently I must be not doing something in my life..

Okay work first, psychoanalyze later.


Human Stories

Let’s face it, while it’s incredibly unhealthy for us to think of ourselves (humans) as the centre of the world, the human society is obviously rooted in the people who live in it.

In a generation where we have to justify everything we do (although at the same time, the reverse is true; I swear there hasn’t been a more contradictory era than this one), I find myself having to explain to people why travelling and meeting new people is important.

It’s no secret that I want to be a theme park designer, and guess who visits theme parks?


So to me, meeting new people on travels, in different countries, taking them on tours allows me to understand what sort of experiences people enjoy; what activities/stories/experiences are universal whilst others need to be contextualized and how to contextualize them.

People often undermine the amount of thought process behind media and arts because it’s not part of the direct machine that keeps the society ticking. But so long as humans are the ones living and running cities, understanding humans on an emotional and experiential level is just as important as understanding the theories and systems they have invented.

It’s rather annoying when people get into the argument of the feasibility and expediency of emotional VS physical aspects of life when really these two were never on opposite sides. You can’t live on only one side of your brain, artists and scientists need to co-exist, rationality and emotions need to co-exist.

And let’s just end this post before it goes off topic and evolves into a rant about annoying people.

Chocomon, fresh out.

If we all stood at the centre

We live in a world of excessive everything today.

You want information, there’s a truckload of it.

You want activities, there are of them than you can do in a lifetime.

We want to tell ourselves that we can do everything we ever wanted to.

Sadly, that’s as true as it isn’t true.

We can most certainly try to do everything we want to do, and achieve them, but only within realistic constraints.

The constraints I’m talking about here aren’t depressing things like structures of the society we have created.

I’m talking about a constraint that nothing can change, except for maybe magic.


If you wanted to watch every single YouTube video ever uploaded to the damn site, provided that people stopped uploading videos now, you probably need to live several lifetimes or become immortal.

There simply isn’t enough time.

There is too much of everything that we simply cannot literally do, everything.

So yes, we may want to do and join everything we see, and then you step back and see ALL of it in all its glory and feel utterly overwhelmed, because time is limited and so are our human energies.

It’s easier now than ever to feel small and insignificant, and while one some days that’s a good thing, on others that’s bad.

We of course, don’t feel like doing anything when we feel small and insignificant.

Everyone wants to be at the centre of the largest most happening thing (provided you have the energy at that given moment).

But you really are put in the middle of the storm, you are simply overwhelmed by it all that either you realize you’re too small to be able to make much a difference in it or there’s no way you can do it, not even with a few friends.

Things are so connected these days that even the smallest of tasks can be blown up into many times its size.

For example, you want to buy a new pen.

It’s a small, simple, basic task.

Buy a damn pen.

Then you open up the internet, and there are Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten and god knows a million other websites out there with literally millions of pens for you to buy.

Buying a single PEN can be an overwhelming experience, much less everything else in your life.

If you’re a student and you wanted to start/join a debate event, a quick Google will put you off doing ANY of it.

For starters, there are so many debating events to join, where does one start? Where is one suited for you?

The greater the choices, the greater the conditions….suddenly every event gets so specific that you aren’t suited for any of them anymore.

Start one?

If there are a million other bakeries in the world, and you want to start another one…by the time you find your TRULY unique niche, the world has either ended or someone bombed the rest of the bakeries in the world.

Basically, whenever someone wants to do something today, they are quickly reminded, IN THEIR FACE that there are at least easily, hundreds and thousands of similar things out there.

Which brings us to the ‘what’s the point?’ bit of the piece.

We obviously do things for a reason, but if someone takes that reason from you…there are days where passion to want to do something isn’t enough.

Purpose is important, and in the world where everything is excessive, purpose is something lost easily.

So here’s me telling you that being small and insignificant is important.

That having the same idea as other people is important.

That making the grand impact of ONE is important.

Because these things aren’t a competition.

Every single human on this damn planet is a unique individual.

To truly satisfy the tastebud of every human on the plant, means you’ll need to have the exact number of cafe as there are people.

That’s impossible.

But we can damn well try.

Whatever it is you do or make may not be unique, it may be small and insignificant.

But small and insignificant usually means it impacts one or two people.

Now, lets think in reverse.

YOU are one of those one or two people.

How many times have we thought, when a shop we really liked closed down that even if you were the ONLY customer it had, that it stayed open, for you. Because that shop is important to YOU.

YOU are a big deal, to yourself at least.

You want other people to make a big deal about you.

If several other million people out there get made a big deal while you’re being fussed over too, that’s nice.

But you’re first and foremost most concerned about yourself and your immediate surroundings (not in a selfish way, but our awareness of the world spreads inside out).

Being small and insignificant means you’re catering to a few people, and to those few people, you MATTER.

We value human life so much, we say that humans house a galaxy within ourselves..

In that case mattering only to a few people is already mattering a lot.

If whatever it is that you wants to do one day grows to just somehow affect a lot of people, that happens naturally, it isn’t something you have any control over.

We can’t all stand in the centre of a great big storm.

Because no matter how big a storm is, there will be patches of the earth missed, and there needs to be people standing there, with a small watering can, watering these damn patches.

Being small, matters.

It really is easy, that when you want to do something, the choices intimidate you, not just because they are overwhelming, but because, you will be pressured to feel that ‘there are already so many choices, why aren’t there one i think is for me!?’.

When that happens, don’t be afraid to shut the world out for a minute and ignore all these other things.

Yes you may feel like you’re not being connected, not being worldly, that you’re being and ostrich.

But reality is, there IS too much out there in the world to process, so if you can’t there is nothing wrong with filtering things out, or just blocking the world out and then doing your own thing.

The obsession with scale is nice, it really is, and staying connected is great.

But those aren’t things you can deal with EVERYDAY.

We all need to start somewhere, somewhere small.

We all need to live everyday, and not just that ONE SPECIAL DAY.

So take it one step at a time.

Go do you your own small little thing.

If someone tries to make a comparison out of you, shut them out.

The only thing you should ever be comparing yourself to, is the you from yesterday.


Yes it’s a happy post…ish


This is honestly a LMFAO ROFL post.

So I should be:

-translating articles

-Finishing class reading

-doing assignment research

(Man i’m like a full fledged uni student!)

But nope, I’m reading Manga because I’m too tired, my brain is full of visual language theory,


Anyways, it’s a manga about a female yaoi otaku who becomes the hottest girl on campus and has 4 of the most good looking guys on campus vying for her attention.

So HILARIOUS shit keeps happening, like half the time I’m just going “this manga needs to go in the comedy section’.


First of all, all the guys who visit her room ends up paying respects to the shrine in her room dedicated to HER FAVOURITE ANIME CHARACTER who recently died.

Yes, paid respects, with incense and all that shit.

After that, they were forced to go to the comic market with her and buy Yaoi comics for her. Without her around, cause they split up to buy the things.

And now.

Now, this person who was dressed up as a butler, who turns out to be a girl, who also turns out to be the heroine’s favourite doujin artist (did I mention this new girl is like perfect for a Yuri [girlxgirl] manga?) and now they went to this girl’s house to see she has like ALL the manga and figurines in the world.

AAAND now the 4 guys are forced to pose as gay couples because this new girl needs some references for her new Yaoi doujin.

The stuff the men do for love.

Hilariously, the heroine is currently worshipping the ground this new girl works on.

I can’t.

I just can’t.